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About Us

Meet Lindsay!

Lindsay was proudly born and raised in Georgia.  Once her college sweetheart joined the Navy, her adventures began.  They were stationed twice in Norfolk Virginia, Kings Bay, Georgia and Bangor, Washington.  While in Kings Bay, her pride and joy Jarrett was born!

Lindsay’s passion for real estate began when she purchased her first home at the age of 23.  She realized the needs of military families are unique and should be treated differently than that of civilian families.  She said to her Real Estate agent, “Us military families do not need a home on 10 acres.  We need a home that our BAH can afford and that we can quickly sell when the military decides it is time to move.”  From there, her Real Estate journey began.

Lindsay became a licensed Real Estate agent during her family’s time in Norfolk.  She knew she had found her niche!  She quickly became a well-respected, well-liked agent in her office and ended up selling more homes than any other rookie that year.

In 2014, the Navy called again.  They received orders to Bangor, Washington.  Having never been further west than Kentucky, Lindsay had to rely on her determination and hard work to learn the area and earn the trust of her clients.  She quickly learned the Real Estate ropes in Washington, having sold 18 homes her first full year!

After selling almost 60 homes in 2020, Lindsay Martin Group was born.  Lindsay accomplished her goal of creating a team.  She wanted to be able to fully assist all clients and provide guidance to other agents who shared her frit and determination.  “Our clients are our main priority.  I have trained and mentored my team to assist our clients honestly and professionally.  Whether you are a Buyer, Seller or Investor, our team can help you understand and attain your goals of homeownership.”

Meet Dave!

Growing up in the mountains and deserts of far west Texas, Dave has journeyed from Dallas to San Diego and now to the majestic Pacific Northwest.  Arriving to the quaint and amazing area of Seabeck via the Navy, the PNW is now his home. His story now continues, excited about growing roots and writing his happy ending being passionate about this incredible environment he can call home.

Researching homes and land is a passion, helping others find their happy ending in their perfect home or selling their castle that they have held dear to their heart.  His heart is happily filled by his two amazing daughters who are finding their own inspirations, one as a Music Therapist and the other attending the University of Oregon.  Dave is a self-described foodie, golf enthusiast, proud uncle, and a compassionate soul. 

Dave has over 25 years of business and professional experience from the tech industry to military service.  Working with people and streamlining processes has been forefront in his success.  Using this vast experience and focusing on the needs of people is critical in the real estate industry which is his passion.

Our approach

Buying and selling a home can be both exciting and stressful. Being able to enjoy each and every moment within the process and finding value in relationships is of the utmost importance! Along the road we have learned that listening and understanding every client’s unique needs and desires builds a trustworthy relationship, while also enabling them to discover their own amazing story in the journey of selling their home. A house is more than just a place to live, it’s a world where memories are made, laughs are shared and love is and will always be found. Our goal is to help create an easy and friendly experience where home buying and selling is both serendipitous and inspiring.


Being straightforward and honest in all communication, understanding there may be ups and downs along the way. We will work hard on your behalf, keeping high industry standards.


Let’s streamline and use technology to our advantage!
The world is at our fingertips, so let's work with it, and if there are new ways to assist you in your needs, let’s discover them!


Doing it right and doing it well!
A professionally written offer, a listing that attracts and never cutting corners - doing it right and doing it once always leads to the best of results.

Military Specialists

PCSing is both stressful and challenging. We’ve been there! Our goal is to make your move as easy as possible.
Let us help through our preferred lenders who specialize in VA loans to video property tours. We are here to work hard so you may work less and save more!

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